Monday, January 3, 2011

That's why my last name is ISMAIL

Alhamdulillah, I am already one step closer of becoming a Public Relation. Just waiting for the Degree and I'm already! It's on the other side, the roads I took, endured and faced to get to where I am today and that my friend is a journey of which I embraced with a little help of someone named ISMAIL MOHD YUSOF.

11th November 2010 is the day I shall not forget. The day where my dreams, hopes and desires come together when I get 3 above for my final CGPA for diploma level in UNiSEL. The day where I know for sure that I have made them proud, my parents.

One story I would like to share, a story that have changed my life entirely when I heard of it some 10 years ago.


The entire school was going for a 2 days trip to Malacca. Only $5 was needed for the trip. All standard 5 students were excited to join. All, except a boy whose father couldn’t afford to pay even $5. Determined to go, despite several "No" from the mother, he packed all his clothing’s in a bag and rushed to the school. He was so mesmerized upon arrival to see 3 buses ready to embark on a journey with a few hundred standard 5 students. Knowing that he had no money to pay the trip, he waited and waited. Waited for a kind teacher to pay for him, to realize that there was a boy, the only boy who would be left alone.

He waited. And waited.

He couldn’t bear it anymore. He just let the tears streaming down his cheeks while seeing all the buses leaving the school compound. Deeply saddened for no one was benevolent to hand him a hope. Not even his teachers. He was shunned for not being able to go. He was abandoned for not being rich enough. He was left alone in the school for being poor. He cried and cried. Too sad to even walk. Too sad to even think.

There was his mother, whom had slowly followed him when he rushed out from the house. A mother who came to him and held him close to her chest. A mother who cried along with her son. A mother who understood the pain, the sorrow, the frustration. A mother who later whispered a saying, so clear to the son; "kau belajar betul2 mail, bila kau dah berjaya, ke langit hijau pun kau nak pergi, pergilah"

There is no such thing as "a green sky". But the boy understood it perfectly that with success, he could go anywhere, anywhere farther than Malacca. When he had to reject the offer by JPA to pursue his Degree in the States, I want to completed my Degree for him. When his dreams to continue his Master shattered, I'm promise that I’ll pursuing my Master for him.

The boy in the story is my father

"I would like to dedicate this to my father, Encik Haji Ismail bin Haji Mohd Yusof whom I considers as a great influence in my life. You has always inspired by your words, stories, determination and success. Everything I does is not only about achieving my ambitions but it is also about fulfilling your hopes and completing your unfinished dreams."

You see, grasping the excitement of achieving your dream is one thing, but seeing the smile on your parents' face is another. And that is priceless. Special note to Haji Ismail, no matter where I'd go, or what I'd be, I am forever your daughter and that's why my last name is ISMAIL.

This is my father and no one can replace his place my heart
Touch him, I will kill you

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