Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Just a Thought AND Nothing Fancy

People ask, how can I be so calm about life? *inclusive of studying life*
My answer: Life is fragging' short! Enjoy!

People ask, how can I be so cool about dramas?
My answer: So long you aren’t part of them, why bother?

People ask, how can I be so positive about almost everything?
My answer: God gave your life to live, air to breath, so, what's with the face?

People ask, how can I be so acceptive about myself?
My answer: There are reasons as to why God created you to be YOU and not someone else. If others can’t look at me without being so speculative, if people can’t talk to me without being so presumptuous and if masses can’t see me without being so judgmental. Who am I to stop them?

People ask, "Aren’t you afraid it might cause you him?"
My answer: Jodoh tu kat tangan Tuhan.

My name is NUR FARAHIN ISMAIL and I don’t live to be anyone's.

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