Sunday, June 26, 2011

Boros tu nak campak mana ?

Nie sumpah bikin panas nie ! Okay take a breath faraaaaaa :)
Tunggu ye Macbeth baby shayang , nanti iteww beli awak <3
Jangan pergi mana2 tauuu , love you sweety

Alaaaaaaaa sweet je converse :) It's okay baby , I always be with you .
Converse tetap dalam hati , limpa and kalbu <3

p/s : faraaaa , tolong la jangan nak boros sangatttt !

Saturday, February 19, 2011

I'm doing it because IT IS my career. I'm no Paris Hilton

Don't ignore the title, it does mean something.

So, people know how kiasu I am when it comes to my assignments. I am completely a different person the moment I step into this kind of assignments. Since I continue my degree level, I can feel that every weekend I will bring my file and books to do my assignments at my family house. My friends keep asking me to go hang out with them but i can't until one of my friends said "you're so boring".

Yeah, so I guess I am that boring.

People always wonder, how come my assignments seems and sounds far more stressful compared to others? They are upcoming media practitioners too. Well, I don't want to comment on that because for me, it is subjective. It depends on what sort of portfolio you are carrying with you.

Yeah, I am that boring.

"tak payah nk keje kuat2 sgt..nnt dh kawen tempat kt dapur jugak"

Sounds familiar ain't it?

This is my public declaration:

You are a complete dimwit for having that thought in that sorry brain of yours. When we are urged to think outside the box, you find it more comfortable to stay inside your pitiful sty. Your brain fails to develop, your mentality remains stagnant.

"tak payah keje kuat2 sgt..nnt dh kawen suami kan ade nk support"

This is my public announcement:

If it is the God's will that your husband dies, then how? Mau makan apa? Batu bata masak sweet sour? Lalang goreng belacan? Kayu 3 rasa?

I do all of this assignments because it is my career that I want to achieve. I don't work because I am forced to. I work because it is the right thing to do. I work because I am no Paris Hilton. I am no heiress. I don't want to get allowance every month just by spreading my legs and partying. I want to get paid because I work. I want to be somebody in media industry.