Saturday, January 22, 2011

3 months ago

This is my first time being here when I should do my own blog for fundamental of media writing...wanting to know how it feels like to start talking madness in your own blog. heh :) Golly, am not so much a writer actually. 

Finished my diploma period 3 months ago. And gladly to say that at least I've continue my degree level right now. It's really fun and awesome even during a holiday also we got a lot of assignments to do. 

Here's the thing, whenever I flip through my life, everything seems clear..I mean clearer.

Didn't really get all the yelling, the shouting from my parents especially my ayah when it comes to study back then. 

As I grew older, I do realize that whatever that you have right now, does not necessary mean that it will be yours forever. I learnt that from him, my ayah.

Often he mentioned while I was a kid, 

"you may feel ok now because I'm still here, providing you with all the necessary things; food, money, education, clothes and so on. Try to imagine what will happen if suddenly I'm no longer here, to talk to you, to give u advises even though u hate it so much, to sustain u and the rest..imagine. Just imagine."

He tells me a lot: 

"if you were born poor it's not your fault. but it is you to be blame if u die poor"

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